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Bowling Etiquette

  • Please wear the correct dress and shoes when on the green.

  • Greet your own team members and opposition at the start of the game and congratulate them or compliment them at the end.

  • Stand still and be quiet when a player is on the mat.

  • Move away from the mat when your bowl has come to rest.

  • Do not crowd other players on the mat – stand at least 1 metre from the mat when it is not your turn to bowl.

  • Remain behind the mat or behind the head when it is not your turn to bowl.

  • Compliment your opponent on a good shot.

  • Admit a fluke (called a ‘wick’) – we all get them, for and against.

  • Keep to your own rink and always try to walk down the centre of your rink when changing ends so as not to distract the adjacent rinks.

  • Never criticise your opponent, the green or your own team members. If you cannot say anything positive say nothing.

  • Pay attention to your game. Try to concentrate. Socialise after the game.

  • Stand well back from the head when drive shots are being played and warn other rinks as applicable.

  • Always appear to be enjoying the game even if you are not playing well.

  • Be a gracious winner and a good loser.

  • When walking round the green do not walk behind the head or at the side of the green when a player is on the mat.

  • Learn the laws of the game and abide by them.