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Junior Bowlers


In 2013 club member Margaret Liston, working with the club coaches, took on the challenge of encouraging children to play bowls, visiting both Windmills and Downlands schools with equipment and volunteers to show the children how to play.

Following the success of these first sessions, Margaret started a Junior After School Club on our green in Adastra Park on Thursday afternoons and this continued with varying numbers and ages of children taking part for several years. We even gained one or two junior members and our hope was that this number increased so that we could run events especially for them.  Unfortunately in 2017 numbers of children diminished to the extent that running the after school club was no longer viable so, for the foreseeable future, it has been discontinued.

Isn’t bowls a sport just for the retired members of our society?

The answer to that is very definitely No.

While a large proportion of the membership is older, bowls is now played very competitively by the under 25s at both County and National levels and participants get very excited and noisy with their ’high fives’. You may even see some playing in finals that are televised.

If you have a child who is interested in playing bowls, please either bring them along to one of our Open Days, or contact our club secretary by completing the contact me form on the Home page.